Laser Hair Removal

What if you could remove unwanted hair once and for all? With our wide range of laser hair removal treatments, available in our salon. You can look forward to clearer, smoother skin and permanent hair reduction of up to 90%.  

Our laser hair removal treatments are safe for all skin types and colours and are suitable for anyone looking for long term, silky-smooth results.   

Unwanted hair? It’s time to talk to us the experts in laser hair removal.   



* Reduce ingrowing hairs 

* Permanent hair reduction 

* Smoother skin 

* Less irritation to the skin 

* No more shaving or waxing! 

* Reduces excessive hair growth (PCOS) 


People have many different reasons why laser hair removal is the treatment for them, this may be PCOS or the menopause – whereby hormone levels cause excess hair growth that can cause low self-esteem and embarrassment. Also, laser hair removal encourages the hair to grow straight, so it’s a great solution for ingrown hairs.  

Many of us have some unwanted hair, but laser removal can be especially helpful if you: 

* Have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) 

Many women with PCOS find that they have to shave their faces, often as much as twice a day. This can lead to stubble and painful rashes.  

* Are going through the menopause 

Like PCOS, the menopause can cause embarrassing excess hair growth due to changes in hormone levels.  

* Have ingrown hairs 

Laser hair removal encourages the hair to grow straight, drawing ingrowing hairs away from the skin.