Hollywood Waxing

Having a wax can be a very nerve racking experience and this may put some people off booking one. At Beauty Secrets we ensure you that we will make you as comfortable and as relax as possible before your wax so it can be as enjoyable as possible! Yes it may hurt a bit, do not be embarrassed if it even makes you scream a little! Not to worry, the pain is short and sharp and will not be long lasting. We can ensure you this little moment at pain will be worth the flawless results you get from your Hollywood Waxing treatment.

The hollywood wax Birmingham is one of the many bikini waxes you can have to remove hair around areas which may be on show if you were to wear a bikini. Areas such as the top of the thighs and in between your legs are going to be waxed so they are spotless. This does not only make it comfortable for yourself but it also allows you to have an extra boost of confidence when wearing your bikini.

During the Hollywood waxing treatment, the hot wax is used for most of the parts. It is the wax that will shrink around your hair and removed by the hard of the professionals, strips are not used for its removal. The hot wax is perfect for the small hair. On the other hand, for the finer and thicker hair, warm wax is used. However, hot wax is a better option because you will suffer from less pain.

A Hollywood wax uses hot wax throughout the treatment. This is because it allows us to be much more precious when waxing the important areas. Hot wax allows our professionals to perform their best work on the customer and ensures as little stress and pain possible. Sometimes we will use strips to perform the Hollywood waxing process but this is only on rare occasions.

Hollywood waxing is a great treatment as the more you have the shorter and thinner your hair will grow back, making it a lot easier to manage. We know it can be intimidating having a wax such as the Hollywood wax Birmingham as it can be in awkward places and hurt, but we can ensure you that you’ll be satisfied with the results. If you have any questions or worries about the wax please call us. We can speak you through any issues and make sure you are fully comfortable when you come in for your wax.