Eyelash Tinting

There are many different ways to have a bolder, longer and bigger eyelashes. Some people like the long lashes look and some people prefer a more natural look. There is no right or wrong choice and our eyelash tinting procedure can provide you with the perfect look for either of these two styles!

We know a lot of girls like to tint their eyelashes themself but this can be stressful, hard and you will not always get outstanding results. If you come to Beauty Secrets you are guaranteed to get the stunning results you are after every time. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that you have a long lasting, sustainable style. These materials allow us to offer some of the best eyelash tinting Birmingham.

At Beauty Secrets we offer a wide variety of eyelash tinting options. Our beautician will talk you through each style and show you what they think will suit you best. Obviously, the final decision is up to yourself and our beautician will be able to vary their style and techniques to suit your needs. The styles vary depending on the length of the eyelash, the shape and the thickness. All provide a different sort of look and style giving you a whole load of looks to choose from.

Another big benefit from getting eyelash tinting is you know you’re going to be in good and safe hands. Doing it yourself can could cause an accident and some eyelash tinting materials can be very dangerous if you got it in your eye. At Beauty Secrets we have people working who’s job it is to keep you safe during your eyelash tinting treatment, our professionals have priceless experience and you can be sure to be in safe hands when undergoing eyelash tinting treatment at Beauty Secrets in Birmingham.

Beauty Secrets is a highly recommended beauty store who offer the highest quality treatments. This does not change with eyelash tinting and we want every customer to be walking away completely satisfied with their treatment by the end of it. IF you are not sure what style you want come in and ask a professional, describe what look you are going for and our experts are confident they can provide the eyelash tint for you. If you have any questions about this treatment please give u a call for a free consultation. One of our friendly team will be happy to talk you through any issues you will have and hopefully can book you in for your ideal treatment!