Eye Lashes

Perfect lashes are the final touch on any outfit! Perfect lashes are ideal for everyday use and you are sure to be walking around confident knowing you have the best eyelashes in the room, wherever you may be! We offer perfect lashes which have the ability to last up to 8 weeks! The treatment includes using the highest quality materials to ensure your lashes look as good as possible, we also include adding individual lashes to each eyelash to ensure quality and sustainability is as good as possible. The treatment for perfect lashes can be between 90 – 120 minutes.

Whether it be a wedding you are going to, a friends birthday party or just a night out in town Party lashes are an essential and can really make you stand out! Everybody loves getting glammed up for a party and there is nothing more important than eyelashes. Eyes are the first thing people will see so you must make sure yours are as good as possible. Party lashes aim to give a more extravagant look but are a little less sustainable. Our party lashes can last up to 2 weeks. Our expert staff use the best eyelash tinting techniques and party lashes create a fuller, thicker and longer. Treatment can cost as little as £30 so do not hesitate to book with us to prepare for your big party night!

PERFECT LASHESLasting up to 8 weeks

individual lashes applied on every lash.
treatment time can vary between 1hr  30 mins -2hrs
Party Lashes are natural individual eyelashes that last up to 2 weeks. Party lashes create a fuller, thicker and longer look to eyelashes making them much more noticeable than natural eyelashes.
* infills