Brazilian Waxing

Getting a Brazilian wax for the first time can be a nerve racking experience. It’s no lie, it can hurt a fair bit but the outcome is more than worth it. The Brazilian waxing treatment leaves you with flawless, smooth skin which is great for giving you that extra boost of confidence!

To get the best results out of your Brazilian wax treatment it is best to leave your hair at a fair length. This is because waxing without hair may become more painful for you and your results may not be as good. The majority if people prefer to go into a Brazilian wax naked, however if you have any issues about this we can provide skirts and tops to make you feel comfortable whilst undergoing the treatment.

The treatment takes place by you getting into the butterfly position where you will be sitting with your feet together and your knees apart. This position is quite easy to get into and often people find it easy to get comfortable in it. The expert will keep you calm and give you all the right instructions during the treatment as it can become fairly painful.

After the treatment you can expect the area to be fairly sore and red. Ways to sooth this is having a cold water bath or asking the therapist for any recommended products to use. After a while you will see the smooth, fresh and great results and it will all be worth it!

It is expected that if you come in for a Brazilian wax you undergo all the correct hygiene features before This includes cleaning all areas and making sure there is nothing going to be in the way when undergoing the wax. If you have any issues that make you feel uncomfortable about getting the wax then please just call us and ask. We deal with lots of different situations and we are sure we can put you at ease regarding your worry. We want all our customers to feel comfortable and happy when having their treatment to try and make it as pain free as possible. We are professional, so any issues or enquiries you have then don’t worry, just ask!

A Brazilian wax can be an awkward and hard thing to do. Let the experts take care of it for you. We will make you feel comfortable and leave you with outstanding results. We provide the best Brazilian Waxing Birmingham, if you are interested in these services please give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.